The year is 2022. Visual aesthetics and beautiful UI are the norms. Functionality, usability and business objectives are what's crucial. That's why I aim to create effortless user experiences that solve real problems, from both, user and strategy perspective.
Hello. I am Milos Mirkovic. During the last ten years, I have been helping both, startups and established companies to develop websites, launch products and build brands.

I consider myself as a self-starter and proactive individual. I am comfortable making design decisions independently since I have been the only designer on several projects throughout my career, therefore I learned a broad range of skills. The other thing I learned while working with startups is that the growth comes first, tidying up perfect pixels can be done later, even though that hurts my feelings sometimes :)

I specialize in building complex applications and design systems. My expertise covers the entire product design process, from an early research to wireframing, prototyping, launching and optimizing after.

That's me in a nutshell. What about you? Say